Brian Simmons- Extract of a Letter to an Anti-Creedalist

“Please note that I’m not denouncing you for your preference of the Bible over creeds. I am denouncing the spirit of interpretation which cuts loose from historical moorings and claims, as a logical consequence of its conclusions, that all the Christians of past centuries were wrong. Is such a thing possible? At least ask yourself, what is the probability?? Because lacking absolute knowledge, a man must look at probabilities, just as if he was sitting in a court of law as juryman deciding whether a fact is true or false. The courts have strict methods of adjudging the probability of an alleged set of facts before they can reach a verdict. The formula is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” No man has a right to judge an accused man guilty of a crime unless the facts themselves weigh in the scales beyond a reasonable doubt. If this principle of equity and fair-play applies to worldly tribunals, how much more, then, to the children of the Most High?

“Now, consider these things. We know that the Holy Spirit has been indwelling the church since the day of Pentecost. We also know that the Holy Spirit gives Christians ability to discern between truth and error. Now, is it possible for the Spirit to fail in this work until 1,900 years have elapsed??? Weigh the probabilities, and if you really believe in the ministration of the Holy Spirit, you’ll see that such a contention is impossible. You’ll perceive such a view as blasphemous and heretical if ever you hear it.

“The creeds contain the correct form of doctrine which the Lord hath given to His church. Every Christian has a responsibility to adhere to the creeds of Christendom. If you do not believe the ‘one faith,’ then there is no evidence that you belong to the ‘one body.’ It’s that simple. And any ordained minister from any reputable Protestant church will tell you the same thing. In no sense did our Lord ever imply that “the truth” meant “every man’s own interpretation of Scripture.” There is no indication in the Bible that the Scriptures were ever submitted to secular persons for private interpretation. Interpretation of God’s word has always been in the hands of Christ’s Gospel ministry, and the testimony of that ministry must agree with what has been written of old.

“The Bible clearly teaches that there are heretical interpretations of Scripture, and that we must resist these. There is no disputing the fact that there can only be one true faith. If you admit that there is one true faith, and if you really believe in God’s power to secure His will, you’ll see that there no possible way for 1,900 years of Christianity to be wrong regarding the fundamental truths. There is not a single creed that ever speaks of a ‘past second coming’ or past ‘resurrection.’ This very fact gives the reasonable man enough evidence that such doctrines are fallacious. This weight of evidence is so great that it amounts to infallibility. The collective testimony of Christianity places the validity of these creeds and confessions as high above reasonable doubt as the heavens are above the earth; and this is all that any reasonable man requires to convince him.”


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