What Warfare Entails

   Christian warfare sometimes involves taking hits from those who are hypocritical enough to use Christ’s name to support their heresies. The current rage against sound orthodoxy has only strengthened my position against the spiritual wickedness with which we must contend. In a recent live discussion with Jason Bradfield of “Reign of Christ Ministries” (http://www.thereignofchrist.com/), he and I spoke on the topic of Hyper-Preterism. I pointed out to him that Hyper-Preterism is a heresy that has absolutely no historical support. I asked him to look at the evidence, and to weigh the probabilities of such a system being true.

   Although he failed entirely to defend his position, he now has the chutzpah to claim that I am being “inconsistent,” and endorsing “Three different views of eschatology.” What he is really doing is twisting my position in which I clearly stated that the Millennium is not a ground of Biblical orthodoxy. There isn’t a single creed or confession that preserves the correct doctrine of the Millennium. Therefore, honest differences of opinion must be allowable within the rule of faith. If you listen to our podcast you will hear me state this position again and again. Then hear how many times Jason brings up the topic of the Millennium. His is a losing battle.

   It is evident that the Hyper-Preterist position is getting weaker every day. I took my best shot, and did some serious damage. Now it’s ‘rest up’ time, as the “pity party” sends forth ambulances with kind words and soothing ointments. “Just believe in Jesus, Jason.” Of course, it doesn’t make any difference to them whether you believe in the correct system of Christ’s teachings or not. According to their view, all the martyrs that ever went to the stake died in vain. For they could have believed just “any ol’ thang” and been saved. Perhaps when we do get to heaven, Simon Magus will waddle forth to greet us. Wouldn’t that be something?

   In no way are these people being reverent when they allege that the Holy Spirit withheld His teaching influence for 2,000 years. Where is their Biblical support for this view? Also, if 2,000 years of Christian teachers were mistaken on eschatology, then can these folks prove that they are correct? As a matter of fact, they can’t. Or if they do, they must kindly ask God to now resume His throne after such a long vacancy.

   Dear Saints: Paul warned us that perilous times would come (2 Tim. 3: 1); affirming that, “In the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils” (1 Tim. 4: 1). He warned us to beware of divers doctrines, and said “Brethren, be ye followers of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample” (Phil. 3: 17). Make no mistake, friends. These people are not following the Christianity of the New Testament. Can their faith save them? Will heresy bear out their professions? Will their novel errors prevail over the true teachings of 2,000 years? God forbid! On the contrary, the truth will break the teeth of this system. And Christian warfare entails riding out to battle every day. Onward to victory!


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