Charles Spurgeon- Christ Will Gain The Victory!

“For our part, we have been so engaged in seeking to win souls, and in endeavoring to contend with the common errors of the day, that we have scarcely ventured to land upon the rock of Patmos, or to peer into the dark recesses of Daniel and Ezekiel. Yet this much we have ever learned most clearly–that on this earth, where sin and Satan gained victory over God through the fall of man, Christ is to achieve a complete triumph over all His foes; not on another battle-field, but on this. The fight is not over. It commenced by Satan’s attack upon our mother Eve; and Christ has never left the field from that day until now. The fight has lasted thousands of years; it grows sterner every day; it is not over; and it never shall be stayed until the serpent’s head is effectually bruised, and Christ Jesus shall have gotten unto Himself a perfect victory. Do not think the Lord will allow Satan to have even so much as one battle to call his own. In the great campaign, when the history shall be written, it shall be said: “The Lord reigneth;” all along the line He hath gotten the victory. There shall be victory in every place and spot; and the conquest of Jesus shall be complete and perfect.

“We believe, then, that in this very earth, where superstition has set up its idols, Jesus Christ shall be adored. Here, where blasphemy has defiled human lips, songs of praise shall rise from islands of the sea and from the dwellers among the rocks. In this very country, among those very men who became the tools of Satan, and whose dwelling-places were dens of mischief, there shall be found instruments of righteousness, lips to praise God, and occasions of eternal glory unto the Most High. O Satan! thou mayest boast of what thou hast done, and thou mayst think thy scepter still secure; but He cometh, even He who rides upon the white horse of victory; and when He comes, thou shalt not stand against Him, for the two-edged sword which goeth out of His mouth shall drive thee and thy hosts back to the place from whence thou camest. Let us rejoice that Scripture is so clear and so explicit upon this great doctrine of the future triumph of Christ over the whole world!”


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