Charles Spurgeon- The King Is Coming!

(from “The Feast of The Lord“)

“Know ye not that the King of Heaven is coming again upon the earth?  Jesus Christ, who came once and broached His heart for us on Calvary, is coming again, to flood the earth with glory.  He came once with a sin-offering in His hand; behold, He comes no more with a sin-offering, but with the cup of salvation and of thanksgiving, to call upon the name of the Lord and joyously to take unto Himself the throne of His father David.  You and I, if we be alive and remain, shall yet set that cup to our lips; and if we die, we have this privilege, this happy consolation, that we shall not be behindhand, for “the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible,” and we shall drink of that millennial wine which Christ our Savior hath reserved to the last.  Saints! ye can not tell what golden goblets those are which ye shall drink in the thousand years of the Redeemer’s triumph.  Ye can not tell what wine, sparkling and red, that shall be, which shall come from the vintage of the hills of glory, when He whose garments are red with treading the wine-press, shall descend in the great day and stand upon the earth.”


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