Hippolytus- On The Day of Judgment

(from Discourse On the End of the World, and On Antichrist, and On the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, c. 210 A.D.)

For at that time the trumpet shall sound, and awake those that sleep from the lowest parts of the earth, righteous and sinners alike. And every kindred, and tongue, and nation, and tribe, shall be raised in the twinkling of an eye; and they shall stand upon the face of the earth, waiting for the coming of the righteous and terrible Judge, in fear and trembling unutterable. For the river of fire shall come forth in fury like an angry sea, and shall burn up mountains and hills, and shall make the sea vanish, and shall dissolve the atmosphere with its heat like wax. The stars of heaven shall fall, the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood. The heaven shall be rolled together like a scroll: the whole earth shall be burnt up by reason of the deed done in it, which men did corruptly, in fornications, in adulteries, in lies and uncleanness, and in idolatries, and in murders, and in battles. For there shall be the new heaven and the new earth.


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