J.C. Ryle- The Inspired Literality of Scripture

“The riding into Jerusalem on an ass, which is here recorded [John 12: 12-19], might seem at first sight a simple action, and in no way remarkable.  But when we turn to the Old Testament, we find that this very thing had been predicted by the Prophet Zechariah five hundred years before (Zech. 9: 9).  We find that the coming of a Redeemer some day was not the only thing which the Holy Ghost had revealed to the Fathers, but that even the least particulars of His earthly career were predicted and written down with precise accuracy.

“Such fulfillments of prophecy as this deserve the special attention of all who love the Bible and read it with reverence.  They show us that every word of Holy Scripture was given by inspiration of God.  They teach us to beware of the mischievous practice of spiritualizing and explaining away the language of Scripture.  We must settle it in our minds that the plain, literal meaning of the Bible is generally the true and correct meaning.  Here is a prediction of Zechariah literally and exactly fulfilled.  Our Lord was not merely a very humble person, as some spiritualizing interpreters would have explained Zechariah’s words to mean, but He literally rode into Jerusalem on an ass.  Above all, such fulfillments teach us what we may expect in looking forward to the second advent of Jesus Christ.  They show us that we must look for a literal accomplishment of the prophecies concerning the second coming, and not for a figurative and a spiritual one.  Forever let us hold fast to this great principle.  Happy is that Bible reader who believes the words of the Bible to mean exactly what they seem to mean.  Such a man has got the true key of knowledge in looking forward to things to come.  To know that the predictions about the second advent of Christ will be fulfilled literally, just as predictions about the first advent of Christ were fulfilled literally, is the first step toward a right understanding of unfulfilled prophecy.”


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