Charles Spurgeon- The Saints Will Reign On Earth

(from “The First Resurrection“)

“THE book of Revelation needs another expounder besides those who have loaded our shelves until they groan, for they have generally made confusion worse confounded.  Their expositions have been rather “an obvelation” than a revelation; they have rather darkened counsel by words without knowledge, than made the dark things plain.  I am prepared to go about as far as my predecessor, Dr. Gill went; as far as the old fathers of the Church went; as far as Baxter and Bunyan would have gone, but to go no further than that.  Yet I think we may say this morning, there is in the text a distinct promise that the saints shall reign with Christ a thousand years; and I believe they are to reign with Him upon this earth.”


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  1. lake says:

    Here is a new look at Revelation.

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