J.C. Ryle- A Literal, Visible Return

“The plain truth of Scripture I believe to be as follows.  When the number of the elect is accomplished, Christ will come again to this world with power and great glory.  He will raise His saints, and gather them to Himself.  He will punish with fearful judgments all who are found His enemies, and reward with glorious rewards all His believing people.  He will take to Himself His great power and reign, and establish an universal kingdom.  He will gather the scattered tribes of Israel and place them once more in their own land.  As He came the first time in person, so He will come the second time in person.  As He went away from earth visibly, so He will return visibly.  As He literally rode upon an ass, was literally sold for thirty pieces of silver, had His hands and feet literally pierced, was numbered literally with the transgressors and had lots literally cast upon His raiment, and all that Scripture might be fulfilled, so also will He literally come, literally set up a kingdom, and literally reign over the earth, because the very same Scripture has said it shall be so.”


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