Sam Frost Podcast Now Available

   The recent discussion between Sam Frost, Jason Bradfield & myself concerning partial preterism and the historic Christian faith may now be found at:

   I think this podcast is very constructive, as it answers some serious questions that others may be having, regarding the issues of heresy, historicity, and Christian unity. Sam & Jason bring out some excellent points, and sound the keynote in their desire to attain reconciliation with those who have ridiculed their faith.

   I am now praying that the Lord will open the hearts of partial preterists to the momentous truth that, as Protestants who accept the principles of “private judgment,” we must be willing to accept each other.

   Always remember, discipleship is based on the sprinkling of the blood of Christ and the inward work of the Holy Spirit, and not on mere mental assent to doctrine. Understanding this will do much to heal the discord and division of which we have seen so much, and which we hope will in time yield to the peaceable fruits of charity and brotherly kindness.

   As a contributing effort in this direction, I have removed the Dee Dee Warren blog, and will now be posting here and at my other blogs. Also, it was a pleasant surprise to see one of my old articles make it to the Planet Preterist website. I thank everyone who has expressed a desire for more unity among Christians. Let us simply move in the right direction, and conviction of hearts will be an ongoing work of God.


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  1. Sam Frost says:

    Well stated, Brian.

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