New Podcast Against Preterism

  Well, here’s some exciting news!  To better defend the Scriptural doctrine of our Lord’s second advent, I recently started a new podcast which will be dealing with the errors of Preterist and Hyper-Preterist theology.  Right now I am running a number of short Bible study lessons which will cover most of the relevant theological ground involving the issue of Christ’s second coming, and whether it is a past or future event.  In the following months, however, I hope to launch a number of interviews with key individuals connected with Preterism and its refutation.  Don’t forget to visit the site at http://antipreterist.podbean.comDuring the next several weeks my activity at this blog will probably be limited, so that’s where you’ll find me.  As for the material itself, the audio files are compressed in MP3 format, so there are no lengthy downloads.  Also, all material is strictly theological in nature (no cheap entertainment, shameless self-promotion rants, or other stuff that often finds its way into such projects).  What you’ll be getting is solid information.  I ask that you you be in prayer as I get this project off the ground.  Thanks again, friends!


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