The Kingdom Was At Hand

 Throughout the years, Bible students have wrestled over statements in the New Testament which represent Christ’s return as being “at hand” in the first century. Liberals and skeptics have claimed that because “Christ never returned when He said He would,” the Bible must be a hoax.

During the 1800’s, however, a system of theology named Preterism set out to answer these objections. Yet due to its logical inconsistencies, as well as rampant “spiritualizing” of hundreds of Old and New Testament prophetic texts, the system failed to adequately address the issues concerned.

  In this 20-minute podcast, Brian Simmons examines the imminency of the kingdom from a Dispensational perspective, and shows that the “soon” coming of Christ, as alluded to in the New Testament Scriptures, was conditional on the national repentance of Israel. Because Israel never repented in the first century, the second advent never happened, and is therefore future.

Listen: The_kingdom_was_at_hand


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