Should Christians Engage In Social Media?

The question is a very blunt one, and gets straight to the point. Perhaps it is too blunt and needs to be approached in a more roundabout way. But like the elephant in the room, it is an issue which one must acknowledge eventually. Should Christians engage in social media?

In order to the answer the question, one has to determine firstly what social media is; and secondly, one needs to examine its character. Paul told the Thessalonians to prove all things and hold fast that which is good (1 Thess. 5: 21). But he also gave us an example of being all things to all men (1 Cor. 9:22), even preaching a sermon from Mars Hill, which was the main epicenter of philosophical thought in the ancient world (see Acts 17). Paul was not a philosopher. He warned us against philosophy (Colossians 2: 8). But that didn’t stop him from using their pulpit to get his message out.

But again: should Christians engage in social media? One must ask, to what end? Is it to share pictures of your children or grandchildren, as adorable as they may be, so everyone knows how cute they are?? Is it to let everyone know about the recent promotion you experienced at your job? Is it to issue rants about things in the political arena that are ticking you off? Is it to keep in touch with friends and family?? Is it to find yourself a soul-mate?? These are simple questions that strike to the root of the matter. But they are questions that you need to answer. What do you use social media for?

I might have said: Do you use it to evangelize? For if you do, thou knowest that your posts may be pulled down. Do you use it to bear witness to the truth, and proclaim that Christ is Lord and that He will some day return to earth to judge the quick and the dead? Thy posts may be short-lived, so be careful what thou sayest. Do you use it to glorify God in some way, form, or fashion? Or rather to glorify yourself? Thou knowest indeed that social media companies use YOUR data to enrich themselves. But is the experience they are giving in exchange enriching you?

I cannot answer these questions for anyone else. However, one must determine in the end, whether the experience is worth it. If it detracts from your joy and your peace of mind; if it pulls you away from high thoughts of Christ down to the base things of the world; if it prevents you from attaining a closer walk with God and makes Him a distant part of your life; then it is something you need to do away with. It may not be easy. But in the end, you will agree that it was the very best choice.

Like Television, social media can turn into an idol unless it is used very carefully. Paul says we are allowed to use some things in the world as long as we don’t abuse them (1 Corinthians 7: 31). But when the abuse comes, then those very things become a stumbling-block: not only to ourselves, but to others. And it is at that very point that we must cut our losses and part ways with them.


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