Free Download: “The King And The Kingdom” (2021)

Pheelan McPhalen’s new booklet “The King and The Kingdom” is now available for free download @ Please see link below. There are a few things I’d like to say about this work, and then you can see for yourself. The sub-title is “An Introduction To A.D. 70 Dispensationalism.” This book is the first major work in its field. Years ago, I published a number of blog posts on the “apotelesmatic” approach to Christ’s parousia. While my efforts have seen varying degrees of fruition throughout the years, Pheelan McPhalen has been the most vocal proponent of “A.D. 70 Dispensationalism” for some time now. This is the particular view that Christ’s second coming was actually postponed–rather than fulfilled–in A.D. 70.

Here at, we are humble folk and do not display our names in marquees and footlights. We all have real jobs in the business world, and when we have time to write, we write for the edification of the saints. “The King and The Kingdom” is a little book which you will love to read, for its sheds precious light on the doctrines of the second coming, the resurrection, and the Millennium. It is not exhaustive, as the author writes in his forward. But it does crack the door to a deeper study. And that is definitely something that the church needs right now.

The most important feature of this book, in my view, is that it isn’t afraid to get dirty and wrestle with some of the “big” arguments made by proponents of Preterism; for instance, the so-called “time texts.” Back in the heyday of the “Preterist movement” –say, during George W. Bush’s presidency– it was the habit of Preterist teachers to sneer at detractors and claim they were not bringing enough exegetical arguments to the table. Well, no one will say that about “The King and The Kingdom.” Apart from a few scholarly quotations, the author sticks closely to the Scriptures. I know that McPhalen could belt out scholarship enough to make your head hurt if he chose. But he deliberately keeps the discussion focused on God’s word. Kudos to him for so doing.

Additionally, this booklet says what I’ve been saying all along: that the second coming is very closely connected with other doctrines, like Christ’s atonement and resurrection. It also maintains that a uniform hermeneutic can be applied to all the Scriptures (not just a few pre-selected ones) to bring out the fullest and most precise meaning of prophetic texts. Finally, the author’s conclusions do not call for a “new perspective” on Christianity, or a new approach. They quite simply affirm that 2,000 years of orthodox, plain Jane, apple-pie Christianity is valid. In the end, nothing really is added to Irenaeus. And even Calvin gets to keep his hat.

The book needs to be read very carefully, and with an open mind and heart. Its conclusions should be digested carefully, that no hasty judgments are made on the part of the reader. We will say more about these topics in the following weeks and months. But this booklet will serve as a necessary aperitif to any who would understand what the “apotelesmatic” view is about, and why I’ve kept this blog going for over 13 years.

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