John R. Rice On Matthew 16:28

Evangelist John R. Rice (1895-1980) specialized as a public speaker and preacher of the Gospel. However, he was also quite an apt expositor of God’s word. Among some of the conservative Baptist churches in the Bible Belt, as you get closer towards the “buckle” you will often hear Rice’s name mentioned more frequently. It is…

Q&A: What Is Meant By The “Restitution Of All Things” (Acts 3: 21)

Question: What did Peter mean when he spoke of the “restitution of all things” in his second sermon to Israel? Answer: The Greek word translated “restitution” is apokatastasis, occurring only in Acts 3: 21, while the verb form is found in Acts 1: 6. It means bringing something back to a former state or condition….

Atheism And Children’s Books

Writers of children’s books tend to cast an air of innocence over everything. Instinctively, they understand (as we all do) that the world is far from what it should be. Rather than lying to children, they paint an ideal portrait of the world based on the ideal human which the child really is. It is…

Q&A: What Is The “Great Mystery” Of Ephesians 5:32?

Question: What is Paul talking about when he says “this is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church“? Answer: Paul had just been speaking of the married life of Spirit-filled believers as illustrating the affection of Christ towards His church. What he is saying, however, goes deeper than any mere analogy….

Preterism & The Problem Of Evil

Man needs to be saved not only from SIN, but from his SINS. This will require a change in his very nature. It is through Christ’s work on the cross alone that this salvation is effected. Although “salvation” is an all-inclusive word that embraces every redemptive process from regeneration to eventual glorification, the end result…