J.C. Ryle- The Hope Of Believers

“The second personal advent of Christ, to speak plainly, is the one grand object on which our Lord, both here [John 16: 16-24] and elsewhere, teaches all believers to fix their eyes.  We ought to be always looking for and “loving His appearing,” as the perfection of our happiness, and the consummation of our hopes.  (2 Peter 3: 12; 2 Tim. 4: 8).  That same Jesus who was taken up visibly into heaven, shall also come again visibly, even as He went.  Let the eyes of our faith be always fixed on this coming.  It is not enough that we look backward to the Cross, and rejoice in Christ dying for our sins; and upwards to the right hand of God, and rejoice in Christ’s interceding for every believer.  We must do more than this.  We must look forward to Christ’s return from heaven to bless His people, and to wind up the work of redemption.  Then, and then only, will the prayer of eighteen centuries receive its complete answer: “Thy kingdom come, thy wil be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Well may our Lord say that in that day of resurrection and reunion our “hearts shall rejoice.” –“When we awake up after His likeness we shall be satisfied” (Psalm 17: 15).”


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